Best Online Games That Are Based on Popular Board Games (2023)

Thanks to the sudden boost in players thanks to the pandemic, Statista reports that the online gaming market generated around $21.1 billion last year — 21.9% more than 2019’s numbers. And while the same steep growth rate may not be achieved this year, the trend is still upwards. This continuous upward tick in numbers has inspired developers to create even more games. One category that’s seeing a lot of traction lately is one that’s inspired by classic board games like Monopoly.

Best Online Games That Are Based on Popular Board Games (2023)

Here are some of the best titles in the category for you to try in 2023:

1. Monopoly

Since its conception in the 30s, Monopoly has been a staple board game in the US. Its influence is so huge that it has inspired many other titles based on it, from dice games like Don’t Go To Jail to video games like Fortune Street. As such, it’s no surprise to see unique variants of it in online gaming as well. This is seen in the collection of Monopoly titles like Monopoly Megaways, Monopoly Utility Trails, and Monopoly Heights on Gala Bingo. Those who are interested in bigger prizes can also try Monopoly Big Event for the added opportunities.

Monopoly also has an exclusive online gaming format called Monopoly Live offered by PartyCasino. Monopoly Live is played with a live game host that spins a wheel with players predicting what segment of the wheel is going to stop at. Other games like Rento Fortune and Business Game: Monopolist are also good titles to check out.

2. Battleship

Battleship was invented in the 30s as a pen and paper activity, but it wasn’t until it was published as a board game in the 60s did it become more widespread. Today, this strategy game is a classic format that has been adopted by many developers like Mighty Rabbit Studios and Pathos Interactive. For example, Bannermen is a real-time strategy created by the latter. Not only does it test players on deductive thinking, but also on resource management. If you’re more into tactics, Breach & Clear by Mighty Rabbit Studios uses the Battleship-like map style. However, you control soldiers instead of ships.

3. Clue

Much like Monopoly, Clue has also been a board game staple. It’s even the game that brought the “Whodunnit?” mystery story to the mainstream. Therefore, there are also many online games that are based on Clue. The most popular one is Mysterium — a deduction game where you cooperate with up to seven players to solve murders. also has a selection of these Clue-like murder solving games, such as Zombie Cannibal Asylum, The Haunted Halloween Heist, and Don Carrasino and The Murdered Mobster.

Furthermore, you can try Clue Cash Mystery and host on the leading social gaming website SG Digital as well. The reels offer a different format altogether ¬– but the experience of a thrilling reveal is the same.

If you want to get your game in front of a large audience, you publish it online. This is why there are a variety of online games available in differing categories. So, if you’re a fan of both board games, know there are plenty of online variants for you to try.

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