11 Best Search Engine Apps for Android and iOS


Nowadays everybody owns a smartphone and its main feature is access to the Internet. Thus, making search engine Apps part of our daily life. Whenever people get confused or is stuck somewhere they get their answers from search engines.

We can say that people are becoming more and more dependent on search engines for little things.

The interesting, as well as weird things, is most of the queries searched on search engines are related to what we do and some are simply bizarre queries. So we can say everyone must have used a search engine once in their life.

Now the problem is most people don’t need too many search engine apps in their smartphones. Most people want one and only one search engine which provides all key features such as relevant results, easy to read interface and a search engine which does not collect your personal data.

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Now, of course, the need for what kind of search engine people prefer differs. While some don’t even know that their personal data is being collected and so they prefer using such search engines.

Top 11 Search Engine Apps for Android and iOS (2021)

Here are some Search Engine Apps and it will mostly cover all types of need you.

1. Google

Well, there’s no way you haven’t heard about Google. Everybody knows Google, right? Google is one of the most known and used search engine apps. Google can be used by both android and iOS. You can also try the best google camera apps for android and ios user.

Search Engine Apps

It is very easy to search on Google and it will provide the result in no time. It has an amazing feature as a voice to text which allows you to search for anything by your voice but first, you have to say OK Google and then give a command or ask a question.

Google is fast and gives relevant results. It is the largest single catalogue of web pages available. You all will love using Google on the desktop because everything is so nicely synchronized.

It is also user friendly. It also has Google ‘images’, ‘maps’ and ‘news’ features. You should use Google right away if you haven’t because the more you use Google the better it gets. Moreover, Google is completely free and you can use it without paying anything.

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2. Bing

Bing is the second most popular search engine. Bing is a Microsoft’s search engine. Bing is a little different as it is more of a visual search engine that offers tools for a better experience for users.

Also, Bing homepage background keeps on changing which makes it less boring. Bing is best for video search. Another cool feature Bing provides is a grid of large thumbnails you can hover over them and preview them.

Search Engine Apps

Bing gives points as you search and you can redeem them in Microsoft’s Rewards for free gift cards from Target, Walmart and many more. One of the best alternatives of Google is Bing and you should try too. Bing is also a free search engine.

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3. AOL

AOL is there in the market for a long time. It provides fastest headlines, emails and trending videos. It delivers free email addresses and gives “You’ve Got Mail!’ alert when there is any unread mail in your inbox.

Though it does not offer as many tools like that of other search engines. AOL has unlimited storage capacity so your mails won’t ever get deleted or you don’t have to delete emails for free space.

search engine apps for android

Another cool feature is you can create folders to organize your inbox messages. AOL provides push-notifications for important emails so you won’t miss any important mails.

AOL is also completely free. And if you are someone who is constantly getting emails and does a lot of work done through mails this search engine is for you guys and you should give this a try.

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4. Yahoo Search

Yahoo search is a great search engine apps to find information. You can always use Yahoo search while writing an article. It provides you with information on the go and helps to get fast answers to navigate.

best search engine
Yahoo Search

This app is very easy to use. It has a minimal and easy to use design and you will never get lost in this. Yahoo also provides a voice to text to search quickly. 

You can search for what you want to watch or go for dinner. You can also get the local weather forecast and never forget umbrella. Yahoo provides a safe search for kids and manages user settings. Yahoo is also free to search engine apps.

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5. Ecosia

Ecosia is that the tree-planting browser. Creators use the cash they create from searches to fund renewal programs and empower communities around the world. They publish all their monthly monetary reports and tree-planting receipts on their website.

Ecosia is greenhouse gas positive. It owns and operates its own star plant to power your searches with 100% renewable energy.

Ecosia is predicated on metallic element and is as quick and secure. This browser options tabbing, non-public mode browsing, history retention, bookmarking pages, downloads history, and ad-blocking.

Forests would like protection the maximum amount as your privacy, therefore Ecosia doesn’t save your searches, doesn’t track the websites you visit and doesn’t sell your knowledge to advertisers.

Make Ecosia your default browser and be part of a world community of quite eight million individuals reforesting the earth with their searches. Also, Ecosia is complete free search engine.

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6. Qwant

Qwant is another browser for multitasking. It provides you access to the complete Web, the last news and social media content.

With Qwant Search you’ll be able to find everything initially glance: precise answers to your queries displayed instantly below the search bar. No have to be compelled to scroll any longer to search out the correct information. Qwant is the first program dedicated to music and video games.

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Qwant Music is entirely dedicated to artists and their fans so you may ne’er miss the live concert of the year anymore. Qwant Games is the excellent place to become the games master. It gives you the chance to find exclusively elaborate description, ratings, and live Twitch videos.

The app additionally respects its users: it doesn’t keep any track of your queries so nobody can what you’re searching for on the Internet. To add it up, Qwant may be a nice app to settle on because it is quick and extremely customizable.

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7. YouCare

YouCare is another great search engine app. But this is a private search engine for both android and iOS. It provides all features as that of Google. you can also check the best 3D camera apps for both users.

Search Engine Apps

You can browse and get information about anything and your data will not be shared with anyone. You can download this search engine app can explore all the cool features.

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8. Osiris Browser

If you are looking for document search engine then Osiris Browser is for you. This search engine allows you to search for anything and everything for few and by using this app you can access the internet and search with 3x to 7x faster than other browsers.

Search Engine Apps
Osiris Browser

This is a secure browser and has styling options too. It is completely free and has a large collection of content. You can also use this app as a document editing app too. 

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9. Findx

Findx is developed by Privacore and both android and iOS users can use this search engine app. You can browse in private and no data record is collected through this app. Findx is also a completely free search engine.

Search Engine Apps

Findx provides privacy protection with an amazing tool and algorithm. It does not collect any data from the user and provides full SSL encryption.

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10. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

If you are looking for a search engine but your privacy is important then this is the search engine you need to go for. This app has gained so popularly because of the privacy that it offers.

This website never tracks the user or your online activities which means there are no ads following the user. DuckDuckGo has a clean interface and brings the search result from well-known browsers.

Search Engine Apps
DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Another cool feature is called “bangs” which allows you to search directly on sites such as Amazon, Wikipedia or even YouTube by just starting the query with an exclamation mark (!). It has a feature called “zero-click information” which is basically provides all information on the first result page itself.

If you are looking for online privacy, clean and simple search engine then you should download DuckDuckGo privacy Browser right not.

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11. Yandex

Yandex is another good search engine for both the android and the search engine. It has features like current traffic, currency exchange rate, weather forecast, movie earning and others on the smartphone.

It also has the voice to text feature. Another feature is to upload an image and find details of that image. You can just ask the question and get the answer in just seconds.

The best search engine app has to be DuckDuckGo Privacy browser. This browser provides the answer to your search from all the leading browsers and also make sure of the user’s privacy.

Best Search Engine Apps For Android And iOS

As we all know mostly all browsers track user’s searches and activities. So we can conclude the DuckDuckGo Privacy browser is all in one browser. It has a very easy interface making it easy to understand for someone who is new too. 

It works the same as that of any other browser but the key difference is it does not store IP addresses or user information.

Though you may have read from a different source that DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is “safe” or “secure” which is in terms of privacy but in no way it is safe from viruses, malware and other internet dangers. So DuckDuckGo privacy browser cannot be hacked. It describes itself as “the search engine that doesn’t track you”. It also provides VPN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Internet searches tracked?

Unfortunately yes internet searches are tracked and saved in databases. 

Are your Google searches monitored?

Yes, Google searches as well as voice searches are tracked and stored by Google for advertisements.

Final Words

To sum it up, Google is really good search engine Apps and everyone uses this but the drawback is that it stores the user data which is a big problem for people who want privacy. The search engine uses powerful search engines along with Al implementations that offer a seamless and personalized experience to everyone.