Virtual Girlfriend Apps
Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Finding a sweetheart can be hard – thus can keeping one! At the point when you’re involved with somebody, you need to think about them and accommodate them consistently.

Except if you previously resigned or have a great deal of cash, you’re presumably bustling working a ton of the time. Also, when you’re not working, you’re attempting to get enough food, rest, and so on.

It can feel like you scarcely have sufficient opportunity to deal with yourself, not to mention another person. That is the thing that makes these new virtual sweetheart applications so intriguing. They can possibly be so useful for many individuals.

Virtual girlfriend apps are applications where one interacts with a virtual entity i.e a robot which is created using code and has been all the built-in things which will make you feel as if you are talking to a real girl. 

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Those who crave for love or are feeling lonely this app is for you. You can chat, discuss love life, your achievements, loneliness, frustration and much more.

Top 13 Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android And IOS

Here the listed Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android And IOS user

1. Virtual Anime Girl

Girls in Virtual Anime Girl are dressed up in really cute dresses. They dance so well and they can help you to learn to dance also.

This app has brilliant animation and graphics are in 3D. If you love anime, this app is PERFECT for you!!

2. Me Girl Love Story

Frenzoo is the one who created this app mainly for fashion and romance.

Here you can also create a virtual girlfriend or find a real one and there are so many options for selecting virtual girlfriend’s dresses. You can also find friends and chat with them.

3. My Virtual Girlfriend

My virtual girlfriend is a hilarious and romantic game app. It starts out like speed dating. Here you have to find a girl for whom you might fall in love.

There are a thousand girls you can pick through. There are even some virtual girls who are supernatural like vampire and werewolf. 

4. Choices

Choices are developed by Pixelberry and are based on following along with dramatic series. This is an offline app.

You can choose virtual friends and girlfriend before you customize your character.

5. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

My virtual girlfriend Julie is an amazing app which is perfect for flirting with virtual girlfriend and even random strangers. This app has visuals in 3D and looks realistic.

It also gives the feature to show emotions like emotions, love and rage. While the females have the features to laugh, fall asleep and even give kisses.

6. Laura

Laura is a little different app. It is a virtual personal assistant who helps plan, schedule and organizes events.

Laura can chat with you, answer questions just like Siri and keep you updated about things like traffic and weather. Laura is a smart virtual assistant and really enjoys having conversations and lights up her face with happiness and excitement. 

7. ChatBot

Chatbot is conversational, attentive robot and learning virtual entity. It can learn jokes, responds to one’s command and direction and remembers things that it sees or reads. One can turn ChatBot into a virtual girlfriend or even prankster.

8. Pocket Girlfriend

As the name suggests, pocket girlfriend is an app which can be with you and love you no matter where you are. But the pocket girlfriends need you to pay attention to her, have fun, eat enough, and get enough sleep.

Just like real life if she has everything she needs then you’re being good to her. One can also use the phone’s microphone or text features to communicate with her. There’s one two player game which is used to earn coins and buy a gift and pamper one’s girlfriend.

9. My Virtual Manga Girl

This is another 3D anime girlfriend app which provides a perfect and beautiful virtual anime girlfriend.

You can even customize the look of her like eye colour or hairstyle. As the app provides 360 degrees you can rotate view your girlfriend. 

10. Virtual Girlfriend Love Story

It is a love story about a billionaire who falls in love and gets his heartbroken. And then follow along as the virtual story of a high school crush unfolds.

Here you learn how to dance and then go to parties and win over your true love’s heart.

11. Virtual Girlfriend Joke

This is an app that lets you have a relationship with a virtual girlfriend. One can pick any girl and if things don’t work out or is tired of a girl then one can choose a different girl from a wide selection.

12. Dream Girlfriend

Dream girlfriend was developed by Ambition which provides a virtual girlfriend.

Though this app is free you can buy clothes, accessories for hair etc. Also, you can educate your girlfriend and encourage her to study.

13. Moe! Ninja Girls

Another virtual girlfriend app for anime lovers is Moe! Ninja girls. Here you can collect bubbles use them to earn tokens and pamper your girlfriend.

If you don’t pamper her enough she will get angry. This app is great practice for when you’ll be dating in real life.

Final Words

Though there are many apps available in the market the best app has to be Me Girl Love Story because it is a free use app with 3D lifestyle. You can get a virtual girlfriend or can find a real girlfriend too. You can talk to different people and go on dates. You will be hooked on this app in no time. Also talking about the graphics, they are excellent. The girls here are very pretty. This app also has fascinating journeys.

Here ends the list of best virtual girlfriend apps android and iOS with their links to download them. Of course no robot or virtual girlfriend, even the most understanding and affectionate will not replace with the real person. But is you are afraid to get acquainted in life or if you can’t find anybody these apps can be considered as the best options and you won’t feel lonely. You can take a virtual girl with you everywhere but do not carried away because the real world has more advantages than the virtual world.


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