11 Fake Hacking Prank Websites to Trick Friends

Fake hacking websites are dishonest online platforms that make fraudulent claims to offer hacking services. These websites draw you looking to take advantage of or obtain unauthorized access to accounts, devices, or systems because they provide a variety of frequently immoral and unlawful services.

The methods used by fraudulent hacker websites describe their strategies, con games, and possible risks to people and businesses. 

The rise in fake hacking websites emphasizes the need for more excellent knowledge and caution in a time when cyber threats are constantly changing. This problem highlights the value of cybersecurity education and the fight against online fraud.

11 Notorious Fake Hacking Websites

1. Hacker Typer


Hacker Typer is an online tool that mimics the screen of a computer hacker, giving you a fictitious but realistic-looking coding experience to give the impression that you are a skilled hacker.

Special Features:

  1. Lifelike code animations are one of the unique features.
  2. Variable pace and style of coding.
  3. Sound effects to create an authentic hacking atmosphere.
  4. Personalized themes.

Website Goals: Hacker Typer’s primary goals are amusement and practical jokes, letting visitors pretend to be experienced hackers while typing random text.

A Variety of pranks are available on the Internet:

  • Give the appearance of hacking in videos or slideshows.
  • Makes you laugh with pretend hacking scenarios.
  • Create lighthearted tension at a party with a cybersecurity theme.

2. Geektyper


Geektyper is an amusing web application that simulates a hacker’s screen and provides you with a fake yet surprisingly accurate coding interface. It offers a fun experience where you can enter any word and make it seem like you are an expert hacker.

Special Elements:

  1. Animated code that is realistic.
  2. Adaptable code speed and style.
  3. Rich audio effects to create a natural hacking environment.
  4. With absurd code, graphics, and visual effects, our software mocks the clichéd hacking seen in TV series and motion pictures.

Goals for Geektyper: The primary purpose of Geektyper is just for fun. It lets us pretend to be expert hackers, which adds humor and suspense.

Geektyper Offers a Variety of Jokes

  • Add a hacker’s touch to films and presentations.
  • Make your pals laugh with pretend hacking scenarios.
  • Give events with a cybersecurity subject a lighthearted spin.
  • Online Safety 

3. Pranx


Pranx is an online resource for anyone looking to lighten up their social encounters with harmless and funny practical jokes.

Special Features:

  1. The Vast collection of various practical jokes.
  2. An intuitive UI makes choosing pranks simple.
  3. Recommendations for in-the-moment tricks to provide more unpredictability.
  4. Pranx aims to use playful antics to entertain people and improve social relationships.
  5. It has many other special features including TV noise, BIOS simulator, etc.

Goals of Pranx:

Its objectives are to amuse, fortify friendships, break the mold, and produce unexpected moments.

There Are Many Jokes on Pranx:

  • Funny scenarios in fictitious phone calls.
  • Use prank texts to get into lighthearted trouble.
  • Adaptable prank templates for uniquely amusing experiences.

4. Hacker Project


Through the Hacker Project, you may immerse yourself in the world of hackers and learn about the nuances of hacking in a secure, moral, and instructive setting.

Special Features:

  • Authentic hacking models.
  • AI-driven characters in a virtual conversation.
  • Take part in hacking competitions to hone your skills.

The Hacker Project’s objective is:

Hacker Project seeks to improve your cybersecurity knowledge and abilities by giving them a realistic and ethical hacking experience.

A Variety of Jokes Can Be Found on Hacker Projects:

  • Cyberattacks on virtual systems were simulated.
  • Interactive stories for hackers to create exciting experiences.
  • Tests and challenges to hone hacking abilities.

5. Source.io


With the help of the web platform Source.io, software developers may effectively manage and maintain their code projects through collaborative coding and version control.

Special Features:

  1. Synchronization and cooperation on code in real-time.
  2. An easy-to-use interface for monitoring changes to the code.
  3. Integration with Git and other popular development tools.

The aim of Source.io is:

The main objective of Source.io is to facilitate collaborative software development by offering an intuitive and effective code management environment.

There Are Many Jokes on Source.io:

  • Jokes with the source code, such as amusing remarks or unexpected features.
  • Coding challenges for collaboration to keep team members interested.
  • I am messing with version control, such as joking with branch names.

6. Boredalot


With its wide selection of amusing, oddball, and distinctive games, challenges, and activities, Boredalot is a website that aims to relieve boredom.

Extraordinary attributes:

  1. A large assortment of unusual games and activities.
  2. Interface that is simple to use for exploring.
  3. Regularly updated information to keep boredom at bay.

Boredalot’s goal:

The main goal of Boredalot is to give you a fun and exciting way to pass the time while preventing boredom.

There are many different jokes on Boredalot.

  • Humorous tasks to accomplish individually or alongside companions.
  • Funny games and challenging riddles.
  • Original games that challenge intelligence and imagination.

7. Fediafedia


Fediafedia is a website of digital art and personalization that may create and share unique computer desktops and graphical user interface (GUI) designs.

Special Features:

  1. Large selection of original desktop themes and customizations.
  2. The easy-to-use interface makes downloading and navigating easy.
  3. A flourishing platform for designers and artists to exhibit their work.

The purpose of Fediafedia is:

The main goal of Fediafedia is to promote a feeling of digital artistry by giving people a place to discover, discuss, and enjoy original desktop customizations and GUI designs.

There are many jokes on Fediafedia:

  • Funny desktop designs contributed by you.
  • Random, whimsical changes to the interface.
  • Themes that are specially created and include fun components.

8. Hackaday


Tech enthusiasts may share and learn from the creative and inventive hardware and software projects featured on Hackaday, an online community and platform.

Special Features:

  1. Enormous collection of do-it-yourself projects, ranging from electronics to programming.
  2. Discussion boards that are active for project collaboration.
  3. Frequent updates on blogs and articles on the newest innovations in technology.

The goal of Hackaday:

The main objectives of Hackaday are to inspire, inform, and link people with a passion for computer science, electronics, and engineering.

Numerous Jokes accessible on Hackaday:

  • Tech tricks and devices that are innocuous and clever.
  • Ideas for do-it-yourself projects to make fascinating and unexpected gadgets.
  • Insightful talks about the mechanics and science of practical jokes.

9. Hacker-Simulator


A web application called Hacker-Simulator allows you to play the part of a hacker and engage in ethical hacking scenarios to develop and hone your cybersecurity skills.

Special Features:

  1. Accurate hacking simulators to enhance abilities.
  2. Gamified situations and tasks.
  3. Feedback and progress monitoring are essential for ongoing development.

The Hacker-Simulator’s goal:

The main objective of the hacker-simulator is to improve your knowledge and cybersecurity competency by instructing and training them in the field of ethical hacking.

There Are Many Jokes on Hacker-Simulator:

  • Cyberattacks were simulated to identify and counter threats.
  • Hacking abilities are tested and improved through interactive challenges.
  • Informational materials about ethical hacking techniques.

10. Hackers Edge


A web platform called Hackers-edge provides an immersive experience that lets you participate in simulated hacking scenarios, encouraging the development of ethical hacking knowledge and skills.

Special Features:

  1. Challenges and simulations of realistic hacking.
  2. A thriving network for sharing knowledge online.
  3. For motivation, use success badges and progress tracking.

The goal of the Hackers-edge:

Hackers-edge is committed to advancing ethical hacking expertise and knowledge while creating a secure and instructive environment for cybersecurity professionals.

Hackers-edge offers a variety of practical jokes.

  • Cyberattacks were simulated to comprehend attack techniques.
  • Engaging in tasks to enhance proficiency.
  • Resources for education on cybersecurity and ethical hacking.

11. Hacker Test


Hacker Test is an online platform with interactive tasks and quizzes in a secure and controlled environment to assess and improve your cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

Special Features:

  1. Various cybersecurity tests and obstacles.
  2. Score in real-time and receive thorough feedback.
  3. An intuitive user interface ensures a smooth learning process.

The Hacker Test’s goal: The goal of the Hacker Test is to promote a more secure online environment by educating and testing people’s cybersecurity knowledge.

A Variety of Jokes Can Be Found on Hacker Test:

  • Simulated hacking environments to improve skills.
  • Tests that teach about ethical hacking techniques.
  • Engaging exercises that increase cybersecurity expertise.

Why Do Fake Hacking Websites Exist? 

The purpose of specific individuals or groups who build fake hacking websites is to take advantage of consumers’ curiosity and vulnerabilities. The dark web, a haven for illegal activity, is connected to many fake hacking websites. By drawing consumers looking for illicit services, they use these platforms as a front and can stay anonymous. People who use false hacking websites risk losing money, getting into legal trouble, and having their personal information compromised. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Legally Access a Fake Hacking Website?

No, visiting a fake hacking website could get you in trouble with the law.

How Can I Protect Myself from Fake Hacking Websites?

Stay safe by avoiding dubious websites and refraining from disclosing personal information.

What Should I Do If I Suspect a Website Is Fake?

Go from a website immediately and report it if you think it’s fraudulent.

Are There Any Legitimate Uses for Hacking Services?

Ethics-based legitimate hacking is employed in digital forensics and security testing.

How Do I Report a Fake Hacking Website?

Inform the appropriate authorities or law enforcement about a fake hacking website.

Final Words

The threat posed by fake hacking websites creates an unsettling online environment. We’ve emphasized the salient features, highlighting the dangers they represent to people and society, including the potential for financial loss, legal trouble, and privacy violations. The fight against these misleading platforms is never-ending, necessitating constant awareness and instruction.