12 Must-Play Games Like House Flipper [2023]

Games Like House Flipper is a widely-loved simulation video game, released in 2018 by developers Empyrean and publisher PlayWay S.A. Players of the game get to invest in old or rundown houses, revitalizing them with repairs, upgrades, and decorations – all for the purpose of making a profit!

In the game of House Flipper, the aim is to make money by investing in and renovating dilapidated homes. The player is responsible for tasks such as tidying, painting, decorating, and furnishing the interiors with their own personal styles.

By increasing the home’s worth before the sale, you can make a huge profit on each investment! House Flipper is an interactive simulation game that offers players a complete home renovation experience. In this game, the players can buy, renovate and customize fixer-upper homes, making them into their dream dwellings!

Similarly, in Summertime Saga, players can experience a dating sim game where they get to make choices and interact with various characters to progress through the story and unlock different endings.

Players can use various tools, equipment, and features like realistic economy systems, numerous renovation options, and the ability to hire workers to get the job done. Several modes are also available inside House Flipper, such as accessible mode and career mode.

In free mode, players have no time constraints while they renovate houses, while career mode requires specific tasks to be completed to move forward in the game.

Games like House Flipper have become one of the most popular games on Steam, with an average of 1,500 daily users. The game’s concept and relaxing nature have made it a success, and it has sold over 2 million copies since September.

To get the most out of your House Flipper experience, it’s worth exploring other simulation and renovation games that share similar gameplay and themes. Comparatively assessing genre classics against each other can help you appreciate and understand the unique elements of House Flipper. 

Additionally, investigating other titles may introduce you to different genres or experiences you may have missed out on! So, don’t be afraid to expand your gaming horizons and discover new games that can further enhance and enrich your overall gaming experience.

12 Best Games Like House Flipper: Design and Renovate

#1. Home Designer: Living Room

Living Room is an interior design game developed by Tamalaki where the objective is to create a beautiful virtual living space. Players are given a budget and must use it wisely to purchase furniture, decor, and accessories for their client’s living room.

With careful decision-making, players can get creative with their chosen pieces and bring their dream living room to life! Living Room stands out with its array of design styles, such as modern, minimalist, and classic.

Home Designer: Living Room games like house flipper
Home Designer: Living Room

Players can easily experiment with various color schemes and decor elements to create a personalized space. All designs can be saved and shared with friends, so you can together create the living room of your dreams!

Living Room both involve creativity, but they differ in terms of scope and budget. Games like House Flipper is a home renovation games where the whole house needs to be renovated within a specific budget.

In comparison, Home Designer: Living Room focuses solely on the living room, so players must be more creative within the smaller budget provided.

#2. My Time At Portia

In My Time At Portia, players take on the role of a builder and farmer in a post-apocalyptic world. As they restore the town of Portia, they must craft items, complete quests, build structures, farm the land, and battle creatures encountered throughout the day and night cycle.

Weather changes also influence their progress as they discover new ways to interact with the diverse inhabitants of each season. My Time At Portia is an attractive and engaging game that allows players to explore ruins, collect relics, and customize their character’s appearance and their own home.

Uncovering secrets found in ruins can provide a backstory to the versatile world of the game. Players are also able to take part in a host of festivals and events while experiencing the dynamic gameplay that My Time At Portia offers.

My Time At Portia
My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia is a role-playing game with RPG and exploration elements. Its post-apocalyptic setting and character interactions create a unique world-building experience, unlike House Flipper’s focus on home renovation.

Players are able to take on missions, explore the environment and engage with the characters they meet while they progress through story arcs and gain rewards in this fascinating and immersive game.

#3. Garden Paws

Garden Paws is a chill simulation game created by Bitten Toast Games, which puts players in control of a tiny critter operating a farm and storing in an animated and rainbow-hued universe. The game aims to expand your business by accomplishing errands, creating stuff, and talking with the animal citizens of the town.

Players can plant and collect crops, take care of animals, and harvest materials to either put up for sale in their store or craft items. They can also go on journeys to locate secret booty and finish objectives for compensation, and unlock unexplored regions.

Garden Paws is a life-simulation game where players can build their own farms and shops. The player’s character, as well as the farm itself, can be customized however they wish with different furniture and decorations.

Garden Paws
Garden Paws

Along with single-player mode, Garden Paws also offers a multiplayer mode that allows friends to work together in building up their businesses.

When compared with House Flipper, Garden Paws offers a more casual, freeform gaming experience. In contrast to House Flipper, which focuses on restoring houses for a financial reward, Garden Paws is about constructing a thriving village and enterprise.

In addition to this, Garden Paws emphasizes exploration, the gathering of items, and crafting more than games like house flipper does in its emphasis on decorating rooms.

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#4. Dream Home Decorator

Dream Home Decorator puts you in the shoes of an experienced interior designer, allowing you to transform mundane homes into dream abodes.

There are two game modes: career mode, where you take on clients and complete jobs for a considerable sum of money, and freelance mode, where your creativity shines as you design customized solutions for clients.

Through both these modes come their set of challenging obstacles, such as tight budgets and demanding customers. Dream Home Decorator allows players to fully customize their homes from start to finish, from the layout and furniture to decorations and decor.

Players can also interact with clients, giving them a chance to understand and adjudicate their preferences in order to bring their dream home to life.

Dream Home Decorator games like house flipper
Dream Home Decorator

The game is competitive, as well; players must build up reputation points in order to be successful in the industry and continue honing their design skills.

With an array of furniture and decoration items at the player’s disposal, Dream Home Decorator offers endless possibilities for imaginative designs!

House Flipper and Dream Home Decorator are both popular simulation games that involve renovating and designing homes. House Flipper mainly deals with renovating homes in order to make a profit, while Dream Home Decorator is more focused on interior design and customizing the appearance of a home.

Additionally, Dream Home Decorator emphasizes the player’s image and building relationships with clients, which is less crucial in House Flipper, where the main goal is to make money.

When it comes to the best harem games, titles such as HuniePop and Nekopara prioritize the player’s romantic relationships and building intimacy with the characters, while still offering engaging gameplay mechanics and a wide range of customizations.

#5. The Tenants

In The Tenants, you play the landlord, taking on the challenge of growing your business by managing and renovating rental properties.

You will have to coordinate with your tenants to collect rent and satisfy their needs while striving to boost profits, increase your reputation and unlock new apartments for rent. With strategic management and renovations, you can take your rental property empire to the next level!

In The Tenants, players can make fully customized homes for their virtual tenants, featuring furniture and decor of their choosing. Moreover, a deep relationship system is baked into the game, allowing players to form meaningful connections with their tenants as they develop unique personalities and needs.

The Tenants
The Tenants

The Tenants is a unique game that sets itself apart from House Flipper with its more detailed focus on tenant relations and management. You will also be able to manage a wider variety of properties, including offices and other commercial establishments.

The game promises an immersive experience that puts you in the shoes of a landlord, where you need to form meaningful connections with tenants to ensure the success of your business ventures.

#6. Little Big Workshop

Little Big Workshop puts you in the role of a business owner, and it’s up to you to make your factory successful. To do this, you’ll need to manage workers, design and manufacture products, maintain finances, and more!

Strategically grow your factory and become a prosperous entrepreneur in this creative and challenging simulation game. Little Big Workshop offers some unique features that make it stand out from other business management simulations.

Not only do you get to plan and build products, but you can also employ staff with different abilities and upgrade your factory as you progress. Additionally, its vivid art style brings a cheerful vibe to the game while adding lots of personality.

Little Big Workshop
Little Big Workshop

Both games strongly focus on different aspects of the business world; however, their approaches could not be more different. Little Big Workshop puts you in control of production and management, while House Flipper has you fixing up and flipping homes.

Their art styles are also drastically different; Little Big Workshop has a more cartoonish, colorful look, and House Flipper has a more realistic one.

#7. Renowned Explorers: International Society

In Renowned Explorers: International Society, you play the leader of a team of intrepid explorers embarking on expeditions worldwide. The game is turn-based and tasks you with making decisions about which destination to visit, what tactics to use in each adventure, and which members of your team to deploy.

Becoming a renowned explorer is your ultimate goal – collect rare treasures, complete missions, and demonstrate cultural sensitivity and charm. As you progress through the game, a reputation system will track your standing among both local and International societies.

At the same time, different endings can be determined based on how well you do. Renowned Explorers offers a unique and memorable experience with its vibrant hand-drawn art style and dynamic exploration system.

Renowned Explorers: International Society
Renowned Explorers: International Society

Diplomacy plays a central role in the game as players must carefully manage their relationships with locals to ensure successful traversal of each procedurally generated playthrough. Various playable characters are available, each offering different abilities and personalities to create exciting dynamics within the game.

A reputation system is also incorporated, which allows players to build their standing among locals and the International Society based on their actions throughout the game. House Flipper and Renowned Explorers are two different games with different objectives.

House Flipper follows the restoration and design of homes, while Renowned Explorers encourages exploration, problem-solving, and diplomatic missions. Despite these disparities in play, both titles have attractions that are sure to appeal to various gamers.

#8. Room Planner – Design Home 3D

Room Planner – Design Home 3D is a mobile game that invites players to become interior designers and create the perfect space. Players can customize rooms, select furniture, and play with color palettes while they craft the nearest to their dream home.

The 3D mode offers multiple viewpoints of your design, while the virtual reality mode allows you to step into your creation for an immersive experience unlike any other.

Room Planner stands out from other interior design-related apps with its unique feature of allowing users to create and share floor plans with others.

Room Planner - Design Home 3D games like house flipper
Room Planner – Design Home 3D

Not only is it an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, but it also offers a great variety of furniture options as well as custom texture and material choices. Frequent updates are released with new furniture designs and decor items to keep the game engaging.

Room Planner differs from House Flipper in its focus on interior design and decoration over renovation and flipping. Rather than approaching home improvement in a hands-on manner, Room Planner allows players to challenge their creativity and design prowess.

#9. SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator

SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator gives players a chance to create their own story as an artist. With the range of tools at your disposal, design works of art that are vibrant and captivating.

Use your time wisely, forging important relationships with potential clients whilst seeking advice and compliments from fellow artists to gradually add to your portfolio of work and build up your fame.

SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator
SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator

SuchArt offers an exciting feature: 3D artwork that can be seen from all angles. With this, users can deepen their exploration of the art world. Additionally, SuchArt also allows players to customize their studio space and tools as they see fit, making it a great game for all artists!

House Flipper centers on the practicalities of home transformation, while SuchArt seeks to satisfy players’ creative and artistic aspirations.

Both video games involve resource management and customer interaction. However, SuchArt offers a twist in the simulation field that sets it apart from House Flipper.

#10. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is a fun and interactive simulation game that lets players design their dream homes in three dimensions. This game challenges them to create attractive and functional living spaces that cater to the needs of their virtual clients.

Players can customize each room with home furnishings, paint walls, and craft custom objects to make the space stand out from the rest. Home Design 3D offers a comprehensive selection of customization options for players to unleash their creative talents and design one-of-a-kind spaces.

Home Design 3D is an innovative home design game that boasts a variety of helpful features. Its dual-view system allows players to conveniently switch between viewing their design in a 2D format as well as a more immersive 3D format for better visualization.

Home Design 3D
Home Design 3D

It also offers the ability to connect with fellow gamers in its online community, where participants can showcase their designs and check out the work of others for added inspiration.

Home Design 3D and House Flipper both offer their own unique take on the home renovation experience, with each focusing on a different aspect.

While House Flipper concentrates on tasks like cleaning, fixing, and selling houses, Home Design 3D is more concerned with the design and decoration side of things. So if you’re looking for more of an artistic outlet when it comes to interior design, then Home Design 3D might be the game for you.

#11. Renovate & Relocate: Boston

“Renovate & Relocate: Boston” allows you to live out your dream of becoming a real estate mogul. You get to purchase properties in the greater Boston area, tackle renovation projects and make smart design decisions that will bring each property up in value.

You’ll need to effectively manage your budget, negotiate with contractors and try to maximize your profits when selling off finished projects. It’s the perfect game for all aspiring real estate entrepreneurs looking to build their own empires.

Renovate & Relocate: Boston brings a lifelike gaming experience to the properties world. From choosing the right wall colors and floor materials to exploring thousands of real estate insights and tips, this game equips players with all the necessary knowledge for profitable investment decisions.


Renovate & Relocate: Boston
Renovate & Relocate: Boston

Players of all backgrounds can enjoy the customizable features, realistic graphics, and detailed gameplay mechanics that Renovate & Relocate: Boston has to offer! While both games share a similar premise of renovating and flipping homes, Renovate & Relocate: Boston offers a more immersive and challenging experience compared to House Flipper.

Renovate & Relocate: Boston provides players with a vast array of customization options, realistic gameplay mechanics, and a database of real estate knowledge. 

House Flipper, on the other hand, offers a more simplified and straightforward experience with less customization and fewer strategic decisions to make.

Overall, Renovate & Relocate: Boston is ideal for players looking for a more in-depth and complex real estate investment simulation, while House Flipper is better suited for casual gamers who want a more laid-back experience.

#12. House Builder

House Builder is a simulation game that lets players bring their dream homes to life. Starting with a smaller plot of land, players can construct a variety of homes across different budgets, managing their finances and working with contractors and clients along the way.

The creative sandbox environment encourages design and decoration, while the ultimate goal is to become an experienced house builder with an impressive portfolio.

House Builder delivers a unique gaming experience that blends creativity, strategic planning, and savvy economic management. Players are presented with a wide selection of materials, diverse design styles, and construction techniques to construct custom homes.

The sandbox environment provides players with the freedom to try out new ideas while refining their skills and learning from their mistakes. Additionally, there is an engaging economic system in which gamers must make savvy investments and manage finances carefully.

House Builder games like house flipper
House Builder

To add to the immersive experience, gamers can actually sell their homes to real-world customers! House Builder and House Flipper both involve renovating houses, but they differ in terms of the focus of each game.

Compared to House Flipper, House Builder requires more strategic planning to construct a house from the ground up and offers more construction options. Conversely, House Flipper takes a more relaxed approach without the need for deep construction know-how.

Additionally, players can monetize their creations in House Builder by letting real buyers purchase the property, while House Flipper is best suited for personal satisfaction and entertainment.

Final Words

To wrap up, these 12 games like house flipper, are excellent alternatives to the original. From Home Designer: Living Room, which tasks players with designing living rooms and bedrooms, to My Time at Portia, where you explore an open world and build your own home, there’s something for all kinds of players here.

Each game offers its own unique features, making them each worth trying out if you’re a fan of the renovation and design genre. If Are you looking to experience something new in the world of video games?

Look no further than this list of top-rated renovation and design games that provide players with an engaging and exciting gaming experience. Embrace casual gameplay, test your strategic skills, or create iconic art designs – whatever you are after, there is a game for you!

Ultimately, the final recommendation comes down to what works best for you. However, if you’re looking for something extraordinary and artistic, then SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator is your best bet.

This video game offers gamers a dynamic, creative experience that allows them to unleash their inner artist and become celebrated all over the world. Ultimately, it would be wise to review all the suggested games like house flipper, and find one that stands out as your favorite.

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