6 Activities That Are Perfect for Video Chat Friendships

Video Chat apps
Video Chat apps

All kinds of things can be done over the internet. You can order food, gather and send information, and even run businesses online. This isn’t news to anybody by now, but did you know that you can even have friendships that are entirely online?

Thanks to video chatting sites like CamGo, people from across the globe can not only meet each other but develop a real friendship without ever meeting in real life. How do these relationships develop, though?

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It’s true that they can’t try out each other’s favorite pizza spots, go to the mall, or watch the Sunday football games together, but all it takes is a little imagination – before you know it, you’ll be laughing at each other’s inside jokes. 

Top 7 Activities That Are Perfect for Video Chat Friendships

Here the list of best Video Chats apps for Friends.

1. Share a meal

Sharing a meal with someone else has been an act of friendship for centuries, and it definitely still counts if you’re doing it over a webcam. It might even be nice if you not only ate the meal together, but cooked it as well. You could show off your family’s special recipe – concealing the secret ingredient, of course – or demonstrate how to make one of your own original concoctions. 

Even if neither of you is expert cooks, you can still have some laughs as you puzzle your way through recipes, experiment with substitutions, or share stories of past cooking experiences gone wrong. If you meet someone who’s actually burned a salad, though, maybe some simple sandwiches would be best. After all, making an impressive dish isn’t the point; it’s more about sharing the experience with each other. 

2. Play a game

You may be thinking of board games, Harem Games, but there are actually all kinds of games that don’t require anything besides two or more people. If you’re having a hard time thinking of something entertaining to do together, games could provide hours of fun.

Some options to start out with would be games like “truth or dare”, “20 questions”, or “would you rather”. Not only are these games fun all by themselves, but you’ll be able to learn more about each other from the answers you both give. If you like storytelling, “pass the story” could have you both collaborating on a story that may not make sense, but will definitely bring plenty of laughs. 

Then you have the slightly more involved stuff, like charades and karaoke. These are great if you need more high-energy options – plus you could explore each other’s music taste.

3. Show off something you’re proud of

People love to hear about their friends’ successes, and the ones that can be demonstrated over a webcam are ideal for video chat friendships. Maybe you learned how to play a new instrument, or you taught yourself a new song.

It could be some hand-crafted jewelry, or a kitchen remodel that you helped design. You can also check the Best anonymous chat apps for android and ios users.

Whatever it is, don’t be shy about showing it off! Even if you feel like it’s silly or unimportant, that doesn’t matter – it’s still a great opportunity to bond over a cool project. 

In addition to being something that you’ll both enjoy talking about, sharing completed projects with each other will help you learn about your respective personalities, aesthetic preferences, and areas of expertise. 

4. Learn a new skill together

It doesn’t have to be tight-rope walking – although you might actually be able to pull that off. Think more along the lines of origami, sketching, doing makeup, or completing a small home repair project. Beginner chefs could take on a new recipe together, while more confident cooks could delve into advanced techniques. 

You won’t just be learning a new skill – you’ll also get to see the other person in action. How they think outside the box, how they respond to failure, and how they celebrate not only their own success but yours as well. 

Instead of both of you learning something new together, it could even be one of you teaching the other something. Breaking new ground together is awesome, but sharing knowledge from one person to the other can be pretty special too. Whether it’s a skill that was learned just the other day, or it was something passed down by a grandparent, the learning process will be a great memory to have.  

5. Help each other organize something

Almost everyone has that one spot in their house that’s a no-man’s-land of disorganization. It could be a closet, the space next to the washing machine, a cabinet, or a drawer – there’s one in every house, it seems.

Most of them only seem scary because they’ve been ignored for so long, but if you have someone with you for moral support, you could have that mess beat in no time.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a friend to tell you “no, you don’t need to keep those empty ink-pens; you’ll never order refills”. You’ll either respond by throwing away the empty pens, or ordering refills, and that’s a win either way!

What if neither of you have one of these areas to clean out? You could move to organizing your closet or dresser, or any random collection you’ve accumulated. You’d both enjoy getting a closer look at each other’s lives, and it might be nice to see a newly-organized closet or shelf and think of your video chat friend. 

6. Have an impromptu talent show

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or impressive. Just take turns demonstrating any unusual, funny, or unique talents either of you have happened to acquire.

It could be tying a cherry stem into a knot with just your tongue, doing bird calls, performing acrobatic moves, or doing balancing tricks. It’s a fast, easy way to amuse each other with minimum preparation. 

Final Words

This list is just a starting point; you may already have more ideas of your own to try out during your next video chat! Variety is the spice of life – and of video chat friendships as well. Whatever you end up doing, there will always be something new to try out.