Summertime Saga APK: Download Latest Version 0.20.13

Summertime Saga APK comes out and about with outstanding gameplay. All this commences following a boy organized in charge of your credit card debt owed by the father from mafia members. Unfortunately, they killed his daddy and now typically the boy has to fix mysteries relevant to his daddy.

In the video game, gamers must have interacted with different heroes and travel by using an active map to accomplish their daily regimen tasks. You have to live on your own, generate resources to be able to satisfy your demands and create fresh relations to get started on a new life.

To open new content and even locations, you include completing given tasks in time. Experience free to check out different exciting written content with the game. Without a doubt, the sport is built with amazing design and appears just like an animated motion picture.

Summertime Saga is totally free and is obtainable on macOS, Home windows, Linux, and Google android. Unfortunately because of posting restrictions, the overall game will be not available on iOS.

Summertime Saga, an online game according to daily routines’ story in which often some characters are employed for the basic play, including men and females to indicate patterns in which teenage small children and adult males and women are programmed to accomplish their tasks. It is an adult-oriented high-quality game that is currently in the process of possibly developing its different versions. This activity is free to be able to download and set in a tiny size.

What is the Summertime saga?

Summertime Saga is a game about dating with girls, in which the protagonist boy and protagonist girl date each other. Its visual novel-style game follows a male protagonist as he tries to piece together the truth about his father’s sudden death while juggling school, finances, and trying to find a date because he might know the truth.

This game allows you to earn money and coins by working in fields. You may choose how much you want to work, how long you want to work, and how much money you want to make. You can also increase your level by working hard. There isn’t just one way to make money; there are numerous ways to make money, but the option to be decided is entirely up to you. 

If you wish to succeed in the Summertime Saga Game, follow the tutorial’s instructions. You’ll also have the opportunity to employ a car to get yourself from one location to another.

It was produced and launched by Venom Apps & Games in 2018 with the best version, which is accessible on Google Play or Play Store for Android, MAC, and iOS operating systems, and requires 4M of storage and Kit Kat 4.1+. Even so, versions lower than 4.1 may not be able to run this application. This Real-Life tale game has a million downloads and a 4+ star rating on the player’s platform, but the latest update, which was released on January 9, 2019, increased the star rating from 4+ to 5+ owing to reinstallation of the program in the 100000+ quantity.

Summertime Saga Features

Gamers must complete various tasks and improve their stats by earning money and purchasing items to repay their father’s debt. 

Clean and cheated are the two main gaming modes available in the game. You must solve several issues and mysteries in clean mode to complete the storyline; however, the Cheated version allows you to automatically skip things by collecting infinite money.

Without a doubt, the game features intricate and addictive gameplay. It has roughly 65 different characters, and gamers can complete Missions and Challenges by traveling to 30 different areas on the map.

Summertime Saga is an explicit dating simulator and visual novel-style game that follows the male protagonist as he juggles school, economics, and trying to obtain a date while trying to figure out the truth behind his father’s untimely death. This game contains explicit sexual activities and content.

How to Download & Install Summertime Sagan APK on Android

Allow apps to be downloaded from sources other than the Google Play Store on your phone. Go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Enable this option. Unknown programs (or Special Access) should be installed > Allow from this source > Select a browser (if prompted).

If it doesn’t work, go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Special and try again. Install additional applications > Trust apps from this source in the Browser.

Download Summertime Sagan APK
Download Summertime Sagan APK

On your phone, go to this website. On your phone, you can download the game using any browser. You’ll need to use this browser now if you choose a specific browser to download from unknown sites.

Select a file from the “Android” section and save it to your computer. They will all include a download link for the most recent version of the game. If you save the game on an SD card, it will not work.

Open the file you just downloaded. Your item will finish downloading if your browser displays a notification at the bottom of the screen; alternatively, you can find it in your My Files app’s “Downloads” folder.

Install should be selected. Before you can proceed and tap Open, the file will ask if you wish to install the summertime saga APK. After the APK has finished installing, tap Open to proceed.

How to Download & Install Summertime Saga APK on iOS iPhone?


IOS 9 or later must be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Your device should have a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 4 GB of storage. To download the game, you’ll need at least 900 MB of internet data. Once all the above prerequisites are completed, then you are eligible to play the gorgeous game on your device.

If it isn’t already enabled, go to your phone’s settings and enable Downloading from Third-Party Source. Locate and install the file once it has been downloaded. It may take a while to install the file. If it asks for permissions, grant them. The game logo will appear on your home screen once it has been installed. Start the game, and create your profiles.

First and foremost, you must use the GZIP program to extract the game files. Then figure out where it’s being extracted. After that, open the game and begin playing summertime saga on iOS.

How to Download & Install Summertime Saga on PC/Windows/Mac

Summertime Saga is an adult dating simulation that doesn’t shy away from explicit themes and content. In Summertime Saga, you’ll take on the role of a young man from a tiny suburban town who finds himself in debt following the death of his father.

To install the Summertime Saga apk on our computer, we’ll need to download the bluestacks application from the sources below.

Summertime Saga APK
download the bluestacks application

Now that we’ve download the Blue stacks program, we’ll launch it and begin the installation process. Do not worry, you only have to wait a few minutes for the blue stack’s application to finish installing…

When the installation is complete, we will be prompted to log in using our Gmail account; we must do so to proceed. Then go to the following link to Download Summertime Saga APK for free and quickly, and then install it on your computer.

Finally, we seek for the Summertime Saga app logo to access and start using its contents when the Summertime Saga has finished installation in the program.

If you are experiencing problems with the Summertime Saga audio or the blue stack’s application failing to install, it is recommended that you install an alternative to the blue stack’s emulator, such as NOX Player.

If your mistake isn’t one of the ones listed, please describe it in the comments section so that we can help you find a solution.

Any form of application or game for Android devices. APK is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and can be installed using tools such as Blue stacks.

How many MB is Summertime Saga APK?

It takes only 845.56 MB to download it once.

Final Words

Summertime Saga is an Android-based interactive Visual Novel game. It’s a simulation game developed and released by Compos, a well-known gaming firm.

The game’s plot revolves around a young man who enters college after his father’s tragic death. Soon after, he learned that his father’s death was caused by a gang of criminals, and he began pursuing them to exact his revenge.

Gamers must engage with various individuals and travel on an active map to complete their daily chores in the game. You must live alone, earn resources to meet your requirements, and form new relationships to begin your new life.

You must complete specific tasks on time to access new content and places. Feel free to explore the game’s diverse and intriguing content. Indeed, the game is designed with incredible graphics and appears to be an animated film.

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